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James DeMeo, October 2003

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About Those California Wildfires

Once again, with a major drought and fire crisis in the USA, I've
received several emails asking about the situation, and what might be
done to assist Southern California with the Reich cloudbuster, to bring
relief to a major crisis.  There are a number of aspects which come to
mind, none of which offer any immediate relief, but they do highlight
the "obstacle in the way", which as Reich noted, is always of central
importance for any long-term solution to a crisis.  Here is a recounting
of some of the issues.

1.  In the early 1990s, when I was living in the San Francisco Bay area,
a similar wildfire disaster developed in the region of Oakland,
California.  Santa Anna winds blossomed and arson-sparked wildfires
spread widely, consuming several thousand homes in one single day!  The
plume of smoke over the region looked like an atomic bomb cloud, and
firefighters were unable to put a halt to the fast-moving wildfires, in
spite of herculean efforts.  Spurred on by events and calls from
friends, a cloudbusting operation was undertaken from the San Francisco
bay, just west of Oakland, in efforts to halt or reverse the Santa Anna
winds and bring moisture-bearing winds from the ocean.  Given logistical
difficulties, the cloudbuster could not be set up and put to work until
late that evening -- the operators were myself and Ms. Theirrie Cook --
the operations lasted through the night into early the next morning,
when the fires were expected to flare up and spread widely once again on
the second day.  Instead, following the cloudbusting, completely
unforecast cool moist ocean breezes flooded into the region, with high
humidities and drizzles which ended the Santa Anna winds, and either put
the fires out, or caused them to "lay down" sufficiently that
firefighters were more readily able to do their job.  That incredible
result from a well-engineered cloudbusting operation, using the original
designs and principles of Reich, were written up and published in the
Journal of Orgonomy ("CORE Progress Report #26: California Drought of
1990-1991, Part II. With a Special Note on Underground Nuclear Testing
and the Oakland Wildfires", Vol. 26(1):,49-71 1992) and Pulse of the
Planet ("The Oakland Wildfires of October 1991", 4:117-118, 1993).
These articles are not posted to internet, but the publications can be

2.  There are reasons why we no longer try to make contact with
officials in California, to inform them about the possibilities with
cloudbusting.  Subsequent to the Oakland operations described above, and
after many other well-engineered cloudbusting operations undertaken by
Dr. Richard Blasband and myself and Ms. Cook, several friends of mine
were encouraged to make contact with various officials in California,
informing them of the good results and trying to interest them in
sponsoring cloudbusting operations to help with the on-going drought
problems.  Dr. James Prescott used his contacts with the then-Mayor of
San Diego, attempting to organize an effort to help relieve the
water-crisis which was, at that time, forcing the County to impose
strong water restrictions.  No interest was obtained, not even a
courtesy reply.  Later, another friend, Mr. Donald Bill, approached
several officials in Santa Barbara, based upon news reports that the
city's water reservoirs were at a very low level, forcing them to spend
millions to import water from other regions.  We offered to undertake a
demonstration project without cost to them, on the provison that if good
rains occurred, they would reimburse the expenses -- only a few thousand
dollars in that case -- and consider to institute a longer-term project.
Mr. Bill and I undertook the work, spending several days in field work,
bringing a good unforecast saturating rain over the region which
relieved the water crisis and drought.  Once again, the officials
basically brushed us off, and worse.  A smear-article attacking me as a
fraud, quoting some of the same officials, appeared shortly afterwards
in the local newspapers. San Diego thereafter recinded the new
water-conservation laws they had just passed, and Los Angeles threw out
new air-pollution restrictions which had been passed during the drought
years.  The overall message was "Hey, it's raining now -- To Hell with
Nature and the environment!"  (And to us: "Get Lost!")   From this and
other experiences, we learned the following lesson:  Government
officials running bureaucracies devoted to water resources often have a
vested interest in NOT seeing water problems be resolved in any quick or
effective manner.  When drought exists, they get more money into their
budgets, they become "important people" who have the ear of the Governor
and other high-level elected officials, and the news media seeks them
out for interviews to make "cute" stories, etc.  When good rains occur
and no drought exists, their budget is cut, the Governor no longer has
time for them, and the news media ignores them.  Crazy world.

3.  The weather pattern creating the wildfires in southern California
seems to be correlated with highly unusual solar flares and sunspots,
although the usual pattern is that sunspots and flares will lead to
stormy weather, not high-pressure drought.  A huge high-pressure cell
exists over the Western States, rotating clock-wise, and this brings
moist air into the Seattle region, but pushes hot-dry air from the
desert westward towards the ocean in southern California.  The problem
is therefore much larger than only southern California.  Another
wild-card, however, is the continued widespread irresponsible use of
various kinds of "cloudbusting" by untrained and willfully-ignorant
people, notably the "chembuster" fad which has spread most widely in the
Western states.  As noted on our website, the proponents of this madness
advocate setting up their devices on a *permanent* basis, around the
clock, and this is well-known to cause an *increase in drought*.  Since
drought has, as one of its major aspects, the spreading of deserts and
desert-winds (ie, the Santa Anna winds) it is within the realm of
possibility that the current situation is being inflamed by
irresponsible "chembusting".  This is not the first time this kind of
thing has happened -- we have evidence in our files that the Pacific NW
drought of the last several years, and the giant heat-wave in Europe
last summer, was possibly exacerbated or even caused by the "chembuster"
idiots -- and probably it won't be the last time this happens.  My
strongest recommendation to the people doing this is: stop it!  Take
down your devices immediately!  This alone might collapse the high
pressure cell maintaining the Santa Anna winds, quickly ending the
wildfires.  More information is posted to:

4.  It would be possible to end the current wildfires in southern
California using techniques previously used to end the Oakland
wildfires, as noted above.  However, to do so requires funding beyond
our capacities, and considerable logistical organization and support as
well.   We are prepared to undertake such a task, but cannot do so
without considerable expression of interest and support from concerned
people, notably from those living in the affected regions. 

James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

More information on the subject of cloudbusting, following the original
methods and safeguards of Wilhelm Reich, can be found at:



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